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Welcome to The Paige Lewandrowski Studio!

As a professional musical theatre performer my vocal technique has carried me through multiple 8 show performance weeks. My original classical and musical theatre training has given me both the technique and the stamina to sing everything from pop/rock to a classical aria.  

I created my vocal studio two years ago with the hopes of helping every student grow and be confident in their vocal abilities.  I strive to do this by providing them with the tools to access and expand their range and stylistic choices healthily.  I want to make sure that every student who walks out of a lesson has a better understanding of how their own voice works and how to continue to grow it even when they are not in a lesson. 

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"When I met Paige I had never taken a private singing lesson in my life.  I always knew I had the potential, but she has and continues to help me find my literal voice, and the confidence to keep reaching for more. All tailored for my specific needs.  Singing is among the things I look forward to doing each day for practice, and each week at our lessons.  Paige shows you little tricks to make real progress, and it works as long as you keep at it.  Never give up on your vocal goals.  When you want to sing your best, turn to Paige.  She will change the sheet music, keyboard batteries, and...your life!"

Anna O.

"I have studied singing since 2018, but I have never had a teacher like Paige.  She has taught me exercises that I have never learned and that help me learn new ways in which my voice could sound.  Likewise, Paige is very professional and committed to her students, she takes the time to write down the smallest details that we need to work on."

Karla Cotrina Torres

"Paige really cares about your growth as a singer.  She was so kind and encouraging and was able to help with knowing exactly what I needed to do. She’s very knowledgeable in her skill set, and I highly recommend her. She helped explain things to me in a way that I was finally able to understand for the first time compared to my past teachers."

Megan Carder

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